Getting started

Sample Flyer

Please use this sample as a model to announce your upcoming Celebrating Families!™ sessions. If you are in need of the Celebrating Families!™ logo please e-mail . Please specify how small or large of logo you would prefer.

What to Order

In planning to kick off your first session of Celebrating Families!™ we suggest that the Supplies and Materials and the Books and Video lists be carefully reviewed. Some needed items, for particular sessions, may take one month or more for delivery. Typically these should be ordered 6-8 weeks before the first session so all team members can review the books or videos and prepare the materials.

Placing an Order for the Celebrating Families!™ curriculum

Please download this Celebrating Families!™ order form for ordering. To fax: 301-468-0987; to mail: NACoA 10920 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 100, Kensington, MD 20895.

Funding Requirements

Often the NACoA office is contacted to assist grant writers. Feel free to contact our office for additional information or support. (888-554-2627)

Roles and Tasks of Facilitators

Recruiting facilitators includes defining their roles and responsibilities. The attached is from our Celebrating Families!™ Preface, found in Volume I.

Family Intake Form

Every Celebrating Families!™ site may choose to use your own Family Intake Form. This is a universal form � please feel free to adapt the questions for your needs.

Participant Enrollment and Commitment Forms

Let�s get started � using this form will begin the process of enrolling parents and their children in Celebrating Families!™

Sample Welcome/Closing Signs

These signs are helpful for guiding families to the session rooms if they are held in large, unfamiliar locations.

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