About the Curriculum :

The entire Celebrating Families!� curriculum consists of five facilitator guide volumes, master handouts/posters for copying, a CD with children songs, and a DVD for playing to the parents group. Volumes 1-4 pertain to sessions 1-16 for children, pre/adolescents, and parents. Volume 5 contains sessions 1-16 for both 3 year olds and 4-7 year olds.

  Curriculum Objectives:

  1. To break the cycles of chemical dependency and violence/abuse in families by increasing participant knowledge and use of healthy living skills. Participants will:
    • Develop better communication skills.
    • Learn how to appropriately express their feelings.
    • Be able to demonstrate anger management skills.
    • Be able to use problem solving and decision making skills.
    • Develop coping skills to deal with stressful situations.

  2. To decrease participants use of alcohol and other drugs and to reduce relapse by teaching all members of the family about the disease of chemical dependency and its impact on families.
    • Participants will increase their knowledge of the impact of alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs on children, individuals and families.

  3. To positively influence family reunification by integrating recovery into daily family life and by teaching healthy parenting skills.
    • Providing a safe, nurturing place for children and parents to talk and to explore their feelings and choices.
    • Facilitating trust through a process of bonding with consistent role models.
    • Assisting participants in developing their self-awareness and self-worth.
    • Educating participants about chemical dependency as a disease and how it affects family members.



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